Sara Bladlund

Get to know Sara:

I enjoy exchanging thoughts and ideas with my surroundings and like to both partake in others’ knowledge and insights as well as sharing my own. I am happy working in an open-minded environment with room for curious questions and a continuous discussion to identify possibilities to improve and find new solutions.

A great motivation for me is when I see what I do as a part in a bigger context where different parts come together and become so much more than the included components. This can be exemplified by a team working well, close together, each with their own task och when subprojects are assembled. I highly value the quality of the end product and am always interested in the entirety and the place of the details therein. Openness, curiosity, thoroughness, lack of prestigiousness, and collaboration are components I consider important to a successful project. I easily see consequences which enable me an effortless perspective into the future, at the same time that I keep my eyes on the here and now.

In periods I have worked with and using agile methodologies and I appreciate the cycle that arises with planning, uninterrupted work and reflection. I am always striving to develop my knowledge through work and interaction with colleagues. I see myself working in roles entailing a technical depth and lucidity, but I also find team related tasks engaging and something I am happy to take on. I can sort out a complicated process and present it in an easy to understand and perspicuous way. Requirement setting and quality assurance are areas I find interesting and in which I would like to grow.

Operating systems/Platforms Windows, Unix/Linux, LTE
Programming/Scripting VHDL, SystemVerilog, Matlab, Simulink, Labview, Java, HTML, CSS
Tools & Methods Atlassian Jira/Confluence, LaTeX/LyX, SCRUM, Agile/Lean, MHweb(bug tracking system), CDM and Eridoc(program for document- and revision handling), Mentum CellPlanner, Clearcase, IBM Doors, Digital Ocean, Docker, WordPress, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Microsoft Office