Robert MoraitisGet to know Robert:

My strongest driving force is to constantly evolve and learn new things in order to be a contributor to the development of the product/system I’m working with. One part of this is that I want to know how the system works to be able to see cause and effect. I see myself as easily learned and curios. I get energy working with other colleagues. I’m a teamplayer and like the dynamic working in a team learning from each other. As a person I’m open minded, straight, honest and share my competence. The major reason for the shift from SW design to verification and integration testing was to work with the final product and get closer to the customer.

Professional reputation:

With a very high competence in testing and impressive knowledge, Robert is a bold problem-solver that you genuinely want to have in a team. Robert shows genuine dedication with a strong commitment to truly understand. Nothing is impossible to Robert; he is a talented problem-solver who walks the extra mile to get everything to function. With his ability to pioneer in new areas he facilitates for his colleagues, he is a unique team player who is exciting to collaborate with and someone you genuinely want to have in a team. He is perseverant, sees the full picture and is most focused when facing challenges.
Robert has very high competence in testing, he is technically curious and sees the solutions that others might not see. With his courage when testing new approaches he solves complex tasks and has a client-focused approach when verifying the product to be as well tested as possible before delivery. He is skilled at presenting, and the professionalism and knowledge he is conveying are impressive and Robert’s ambition to grow earns respect.

The abstract above is based on the anonymous responses from 12 colleagues and customers in April 2019.
The answers have been analyzed by Per Frykman – Your Professional Reputation AB. ✉

Operating systems/Platforms Unix, Linux, Windows, RedHat Openstack (OpenStack Cloud), Ericsson CEE (Cloud Execution Environment)
Programming/Scripting C/C++, Java, Python, Pascal, Matlab, Erlang and bash
Tools Git, SVN, Jira, Emacs, Eclipse, Squish , Hydra (IP allocation), Moshell (CLI towards base station), ClearCase,  CCN (Coaxial Core Network), IBM Rational Clearquest, IBM Rational Rhapsody, gerrit, Jenkins,  5G UE simulator (Viavi), LTTng