Minh Le TranGet to know Minh:

I gain great satisfaction from seeing my work resulting in an end product that is functional and adds value to the customer. Being able to do said work in a group makes it even more rewarding.

I am passionate about solving difficult technical problems together in a team. Working with people is fun, to also be able to work close to the technology is a privilege. I take care that the result of my work shall be of service and use to the customer. Understanding the customers needs is key to delivering appreciated and sought-after products.

I strive to always improve in my work and am not afraid to take on technically challenging tasks. I like working in cross functional teams with lots of opportunities to learn from my colleagues and to contribute with my own knowledge. With a background in software development and a Master of Science in Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering, I make an appreciated member in most teams. I am happy to take on responsibility and am not afraid to tackle different roles. I am also comfortable working alone if needs be. 

My greatest strength is that I am perceptive and cooperative and have been told I bring energy and support to my cooworkers in their work. Being a helpful person who wants what is best for my fellow peers is something that is reflected in my work.

Operating systems/Platforms Unix/Linux, Windows
Programming/Scripting Matlab/Simulink, C++, C, C#, Java, Python, shell script
Tools/Methods Git, Atlassian JIRA/Bitbucket/Confluence, Bash, Visual Studio, Eclipse, IBM Doors, IBM Engineering Systems Design Rhapsody, Dimensions, Microsoft Office, LaTeX, SimExpert, Scrum