Martin Ståhlberg

Get to know Martin:

I am a sociable, ambitious and technology-interested software developer with multiple years experience in developing safety critical software and embedded systems. My work has been in all areas within software development, everything from design and requirement handling, to testing and traceability, to the continuous work with maintenance.

My inquisitivity and my great interest in technology enables me to easily get familiar with new systems and products and spend a lot of my freetime experimenting with everything from FPGAs to web development.

I enjoy working in a team but I have no trouble performing independent tasks. I view myself as a positive person, driving in what I do, service minded, and I easily form relationships with people in my surroundings. As a colleague I am hard working, attentive, loyal, and I like a challenge with opportunities for growth.

In order to have a successful and prosperous project I consider technical knowledge, good ways of working, favorable teamwork, and clear goals to be prerequisites for success.

Operating systems/Platforms Windows, Linux
Programming/scripting C, C++, C#, Python, shell script, SQL, VHDL, Assembler
Tools & Methods Git, Clearcase, Jira, TDD – Test Driven Development, make, SCRUM, Agile/Lean, DOORS, GDB, Lauterbach debugger, Dimensions, Teamcenter