Martin Evaldsson

Get to know Martin:

My biggest drive is to understand the context and entirety surrounding my tasks and watching my contributions resulting in a final product. This means I am comfortable transitioning between different technical roles that give this understanding, for example the doing the actual software development, working with technical planning and breaking down of work assignments, working with the project management for adequate foresight, working on finding improvements in the tools used for development. My experience is that when I can work on two or more of these roles it creates dynamics and adds value for both the team and the end result.

I believe my greatest strength is my analytical ability and that I can work in a structured way, which works well for solving problems both independently and jointly. I am driving in my work and always try to identify the technical challenges early on to communicate and handle them well within the time scope.

Operating systems/Platforms Several versions/distributions of Windows/Linux
Programming/Scripting C, C++, Python, Fortran, Python, Matlab, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, shell programming (Bash)
Tools & Methods Microsoft Office, Git, Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, IBM Rational Doors (requirement handling), Eclipse, Subversion, WordPress, Vim, Bash, Make, Google Apps for Work, Teamcenter (PDM), Make, Kanban and Scrum (PSM I)