Get to know Jörgen:

In 1980 I was 12 years old and my father borrowed an ABC80 from work and that was when my passion for computers and programming saw the light of day. On said machine I learnt how to program BASIC and ever since, I have developed my skills in programming both as a hobby and above all, professionally. I have written programs for a whole bunch of different computers and environments. From the home computers of the 1980’s to modern Linux or Windows machines.

I like the intellectual challenge in taking an idea for a product from idea to finished product ready to be launched. In that process, software design is many times crucial to get a good product and it is important to understand how the software is a part of an entire system and ties on the other areas of a product. I am comfortable in leading and responsible roles and gladly see myself in the roles of software architect, system designer, SCRUM master, technical leader or team leader. I am passionate about technology and want to work close to it where there is room  for and possibility to contribute to the product, primarily the development of the software.

The feedback I have received from previous employments and assignments is that I am technically competent, prestigeless, and inquisitive. That I have a strong ability for problem solving and analysis that manifests itself in my quick understanding of new systems and technologies enabling fast delivery of results. That I by my actions as a leader help teams develop, making individuals more engaged to come together and perform and deliver towards their goals. I consider myself to have a good sense of details combined with a feeling for connections and understanding of the entirety of a system. I am dynamic and fast to adopt to new conditions and I put a great pride in delivering what is requested. Over the years I have learnt a lot about, and actively worked for, creating value for all involved stakeholders, regardless if it is owners, customers or colleagues.

Operating systems/Platforms Windows, .NET, Windows CE .NET, Unix/Linux, Green Hills µVelocity
Programming/Scripting C, C++, Python, COM, ATL, C#, JavaScript, Matlab/Simulink, PHP, PERL, Assembler (6502, Z80, MC68000, ARM, x86)
Tools & Methods Git, Subversion, ClearCase, GCC, GDB, Eclipse, NetBeans, make, Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Office, SCRUM, Continuous Integration, Build Management