Get to know Jolian:

My greatest incentive is to see how a product is developed and tested to later on be integrated at the customer. To be able to contribute with my competence, attitude and engagement to perform tasks and solve problems both individually and jointly in a team in a structured, productive and cost conscious  way, gives me energy and joy. I like to work close to the technology but at the same time being able to look at things from a wider perspective and reflect on what is being done with the purpose to improve the way of working, tools and processes of the operations, enabling us as a team to produce a product in the best way possible.  Being faced with challenges is something I appreciate, it gives me an opportunity to develop. I am comfortable as a software designer in test and integration but also in taking on responsibility and I am happy to take on leading roles such as technical leader, team leader or software designer.

The feedback I have received from my previous employments and assignments is that I generate a positive energy to my surroundings and that I with my good technical knowledge, dedication and helpful attitude has demonstrated an ability to cooperate with my colleagues in order to meet delivery deadlines. That I as a person am industrious, solution oriented and fit well into leading or coaching roles. The technical competence gives me the prerequisites to learn and understand complex systems with a large code base, both in detail, but also in a holistic perspective and quickly reach a high productivity united with high quality. That I with my great portion of professionalism, respect and understanding of the importance of knowledge sharing can make individuals in my surroundings engaged and involved. That I through my achievements and with a service minded attitude surpasses the expectations and reach targets with the highest possible credits.

From my perspective, I consider my greatest strengths to be my technical knowledge and my ability to actively communicate and cooperate with people and thereby bring forth positive and productive relations. I bring a lot of enthusiasm to work, am a driving force in what I do and am a very open person who like to share my knowledge and am happy to help others in my surroundings to jointly contribute to driving work forward. Since I am a prestigeless team player I always put the delivery ahead of my own self realisation.

Operating systems/Platforms Windows, Unix/Linux, LTE
Programming/Scripting C, C++, Erlang, C#, Java, Python, shell script, PERL, mysql, ksh
Tools & Methods Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Continuous Deployment, TDD – Test Driven Development, Configuration Management, Test, Jenkins, Git, Gerrit, Jira, ClearCase, Eclipse, NetBeans, SCRUM, Agile/Lean, Microsoft Office, netconf, cloud computing, openstack