Björn Kellner

Get to know Björn:

My biggest drive is to learn, develop and test new algorithms and software while learning, and contributing to, new technology. Being challenged and growing is also an incentment. For me, it is important to work alongside others towards a common goal. I like having a general understanding of the product I am working on and enjoy being in contact with the customer to gain an understanding of ways in which to improve the product.

The feedback I have received during my work life has been that I am a positive person and that I with my great technical knowledge has shown an ability to cooperate and engage all stakeholders, working towards our goals, regardless of background and area of expertise. That I with my attitude and commitment perform tasks both individually and in a group setting in a structured and productive manner, where my will to both learn and teach really shines through.

Operating systems/Platforms Linux/Unix, Windows
Programming/Scripting Python, C, C#, SQL, Matlab, bash
Tools & Methods Keras, Machine Learning, Tensorflow, Data driven development, Test driven development, Git, Gerrit, Jenkins, Jira, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, MS Office, DOORS