This is Qean

Qean is a consultant agency focusing on competences within the embedded systems domain, such as software development, algorithm development, signal and image processing, test and integration. Qean is based in Linköping, with an office located centrally on Repslagargatan 25. We have been around since September 2015 and are today 24 employees holding assignments with a number of the region’s most interesting product development companies. We feel at home when it comes to embedded purpose in the core of the product development process.

We are a part of the corporate group called Qgroup that has approximately 600 employees divided into 32 subsidiaries with offices located in 18 cities across the globe, for example Linköping, Norrköping, Malmö, Göteborg, Stockholm, San Fransisco, London, Amsterdam and Frankfurt. All companies in Qgroup work with competence in software development, each with their own speciality.

What separates Qean, and all consultant agencies in Qgroup, from just any consultant agency, is that we always put the individual first. We keep a mutual focus on each other to jointly and constantly evolve. Qean will stay small, in order not to lose the connection between, and understanding for, each other. We also have a continuous plan and dialog around each persons personal and professional development.

We are Truly Embedded Ability Naturals!